To make sure the kitchen would work, we mocked up the layout on the living room floor prior to demolition.


The red dragon granite looks stunning in person.

The kitchen layout did not allow any windows on the South wall, so we captured light where we could.

This limestone behemoth dominated the main floor.

The master bath.

...and shower.  Two shower heads, Corian shower pan, glass block window, and tile shampoo niche.

Wedgwood Whole House


Winner of TWO 2007 REX Awards for Remodeling EXcellence:  Best Major Remodel and Best Kitchen in the top price categories.

And NOW... Winner of TWO state REX awards as well:  Best Major Remodel and Best Universal Design.

Our clients purchased a 1960 home at an estate auction, then worked with us to design and build their complete re-do.  We left the foundation and the first-floor framing, but just about everything else is new.  Electrical, plumbing, siding, insulation, flooring, sheetrock, kitchen, bathrooms, windows, heating/air conditioning, doors, gutters, roof, landscaping...

We added a second story, but not over the "ell" of the house closest the street.  By keeping the roof pitch low and not pushing the height limit, we were able to substantially increase the living space without making the house look overly massive. This second story addition and whole-house remodel was designed with care - to fit in with the surrounding homes.   

Many choices were made to keep the budget under control.  For instance, the bathrooms have resilient flooring and plastic laminate vanity counters.  But the kitchen was not where these home owners wanted to scrimp.  They are gourmet cooks, so much thought was given to designing the kitchen of their dreams.

We designed and built many features to make the house accessible for a family member in a wheelchair.  The entry is on the same level as the porch, walkway, and driveway.  The main floor doors are extra wide, and an office converts to a guest room when he is in town.  And the main floor bath has extra room to maneuver a chair, a wall-hung sink, grab bars, and a shower stall with extra-low threshold and a custom bi-fold glass door that swings completely out of the way.

The result is an award-winning home that truly fits the way our clients live.

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