Thanks to your great crew!  They were wonderfully professional.  I wish all workmen were like them!

Linda Kumin


Joy and David, Phinney Ridge

Sarah and David, Ballard

Cedron and N'Shama, Meadowbrook

Kyme M, Ballard

We've been so happy with our new upstairs.  I honestly enjoyed the remodel process as I watched true craftsmen transform that creepy, shabby space into part of our home!

Heather and Jim, Magnolia

The Jacksons saved our basement!  We got an initial quote for our project from them about 1 year earlier and, honestly, choked at the price and thought we could get someone else to do it for less.  Long story short, the contractor we hired gave us a favorably low quote (on which we based a cash-out refinance), but after months of discussions, he finally said he couldn't do the job for that price, leaving us with a stripped-out, useless basement.  At that point I called Jackson remodeling in a very contrite panic.  They worked with our restrictive budget, doing the "heavy lifting" as Erik describes it, and leaving most of the finish work for us to complete as agreed.  They fast-tracked our project.  Their carpenters were willing to try new techniques and materials I suggested.  As with most remodeling projects, we had some surprises, which were resolved easily since we maintained clear, open communication through the job.  I appreciated their commitment to "green" construction practices; they willingly used salvaged and low-VOC materials as well as recycling most of the debris.  Everyone at JRL was very professional.  They worked with us and respected and respectful "partners" on our project.  They respected our privacy and schedules.  They made sure the work was left neat at the end of each day.  We will use them again if we have any new projects, and have recommended them to friends.

Leo Smith, Architect

 My experience in Architecture spans 25 years. I have worked with dozens of local residential contractors, and I can place Jackson Remodeling in the top 5% of contractors I have worked with so far. It is rare to find a residential contractor with excellent skills in so many areas. Specifics include:

  • Good communication with owners, architect, consultants, and building officials.
  • Focused on building well and doing things right.
  • Knowledgeable on construction techniques, moisture protection and building materials.
  • Excellent coordination with suppliers and subcontractors.
  • A "can-do" attitude when faced with difficult site and structural conditions.
  • Maintains a neat, clean, and orderly construction site.
  • Professional and courteous. Returns calls promptly, doesn’t swear, patient with owners.

Sarah Kate

"Jackson Remodeling finished our basement. My parents say that Bob made it look so easy that even I could do it. I think they are right - someday I want to be a Jackson Remodeling Job Boss!"

Thanks to your great crew!  They were wonderfully professional.  I wish all workmen were like them!

Linda Kumin