Ballard Bath

Our award-winning, period bathroom with lots of light

The old bath had lots of room, but all the fixtures were crowded on one wall.  And it was u.g.l.y.

Our clients wanted to create a spot for kids to bathe, as well as a "grown-up" shower

Squeezing the recessed storage between the pedestal sinks was a tight

The goal (and the result): a serene, spa-like bath

Our attention to period detail won us a 2006 REX Award for best bathroom

...and earned us a write-up in Remodel Seattle Magazine.



This very special house was previously featured on the Ballard Tour of Historic Homes.  Gorgeous architecture and woodwork on the main level are set off by charming touches like the original lights in the box-beam dining room ceiling. 

The old bathroom was plenty big but very dated, and had a lot of wasted space.  Our clients wanted a "serene, spa-like" bathroom with lots of light.  It had to be suitable for adults as well as their small child. 

We worked with the out-of-level framing and some very tight tolerances.  When we were finished, this is what we created:

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