Jackson is the best! When we bought our house 2 years ago, we knew we'd need to do some remodeling. Thankfully, we found Jackson, and they helped bring our dream kitchen to life, all while we lived in the construction zone, pregnant and with a very curious 2 year old (thanks to Dan for always taking time to chat with Summer each day!) They made a normally dreaded process easy and even enjoyable.


We could tell that Dan, Lisa, Josh and everyone at Jackson actually cared about our home and family. Needless to say we loved the gorgeous outcome of work they did for us too! Because of their respect, quality and thoughtfulness, we'll never hesitate to choose Jackson for our remodeling projects. I honestly recommend them to all our Ballard friends.

Sam, sunset hill

I have the greatest praise for the team at Jackson Design Build. I benefited from their creativity, patience, flexibility, professionalism and, perhaps above all, outstanding work and craftmanship on the journey that began in early 2019 when they brought my entry and living room back from water damage to the plaster in my 1920s era house and then through the process later in 2019 of designing a bathroom that is a functional (in a tough upstairs space of angled ceilings) and simply lovely and flowing space and then the work in 2020 to realize that vision and update the rest of the upstairs at the same time. And all of this in times that we could not have imagined in early 2019 and that created challenges for finding a new way to work and live. Even with the necessary stoppage and delays due to the pandemic, Josh, Chris and the team at Jackson Design Build kept me up to speed on what was coming next and kept workers (and me) safe through the process. 

The depth of the whole team was stellar, from Lisa’s ability to connect with and foster my style, Josh’s calm management and Chris’s ability to track and get absolutely everything done no matter the challenge and on to the rest of the crew and the talented tradespeople, including Yuri, who worked tirelessly and with such creativity to make the tile even more beautiful; Darren, who created an oasis of blue; Brian, who exemplified patience and diligence on the electrical work; and the floor team, who worked and reworked quickly to finish just as the virus was shutting down everything. And I’d be remiss by not also praising teams for plumbing, closet design and drywall (especially in creating an arch to mirror an arch finished in plaster).

Thank you, Jackson Design Build.

Alison, phinney ridge

A belated note of thanks for our incredible basement remodel. I remember when we first talked about the project you said there probably wasn't time for me to get everything ready and make all the decisions for a summer start. Thank you for believing in me. I also remember you told me the JDB process had gotten better. I didn't believe you. I thought it was a good process last time and that's why I wanted to re-hire you. But you were right. Your process and your team are now downright AMAZING. 


I have worked with a lot of teams and on a lot of different projects throughout several different careers over the years. This team stands out in so many ways for the level of trust I had in each person, the enjoyment of the process itself because of your skills, personalities and teamwork, your willingness to work with my own "vendors" like my sister and Pancho, and of course, the end result which is stunning and transformative for my house and family. 


We hired Jackson Design Build to remodel our brick house in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle.

This was a fairly extensive kitchen and bathroom remodel; but also we updated almost all of the infrastructure of the home; including replacing all the knob and tube wiring and meter, installing a tankless water heater, replacing all the plumbing for the kitchen and bath, and an earthquake retrofit to tie the home to the foundation.

We could have not been more impressed with Jackson. They took their time to design and spec every last element of the project before starting construction. Their timelines were flawless and not only did they complete the project on time, even with us continually adding to the scope of the project, they even finished their completion list before our date to move back in.

I was also amazed at how well Jackson managed their tradesmen. Always courteous, amazingly clean (they installed dust barriers in regions of the home not being worked on), and true craftsmen. When the tile work on the downstairs bathroom was not to their standards, they had no problem pulling out the old tile and starting over to make it right. We did not even ask this of them, they deemed it not of high enough quality to meet their standards. A rare find these days where contractors only want to make a quick buck and move on to the next project.

We were so impressed with Jackson we have continued to use them for further projects including significant outdoor restructure of the side walkway and concrete stairs and drainage. And most recently we are working with them to refresh the front of the house.

I could not recommend them highly enough.

Wayne, Ballard

We recently engaged Jackson Design Build to help us reenvision and remodel our basement. We are extremely happy with the experience and would highly recommend them to homeowners looking for an "all-in-one" firm who can handle the design, overall project management and construction. It was very helpful to be guided through their process.

Throughout the entire project they were very responsive, transparent about costs and timing, easy to work with, and were happy to come up with new solutions as we changed our minds throughout the project. Their carpenters and tradespeople were all friendly, organized, and neat.

Edward, Crown Hill

We could not be happier with the oustanding work of Jackson Design Build and their team! We are recommending them to all our friends!

They did all the remodeling part of our earthquake retrofit and made it so smooth! And we were not easy customers: 1) we had a super tight deadline due to our moving out, 2) electrical work needed to be added at the last minute while the work was already under way, 3) and we had to change the scope a few times to accomodate those additional electrical works.

We are so happy with the quality of JDB work that we will hire them for additional work in the house in the fall even though we will be thousands of miles away.

Helene, magnolia

Jackson Design Build helped us bring our 1951 home into the 2000's without changing the character. Their knowledge of the area they serve helped us move through the design and permitting process smoothly. The attention the JDB team paid to finishing and continuity with the remainder of our home was exceptional and very much appreciated.

We appreciated the open communication and willingness to listed to our concerns. JDB bring the right team together to deliver high quality completion. We will use JDB again!

Chris, Wedgwood

 My experience in Architecture spans 25 years. I have worked with dozens of local residential contractors, and I can place Jackson Remodeling in the top 5% of contractors I have worked with so far. It is rare to find a residential contractor with excellent skills in so many areas.

Specifics include:

  • Good communication with owners, architect, consultants, and building officials.
  • Focused on building well and doing things right.
  • Knowledgeable on construction techniques, moisture protection and building materials.
  • Excellent coordination with suppliers and subcontractors.
  • A "can-do" attitude when faced with difficult site and structural conditions.
  • Maintains a neat, clean, and orderly construction site.
  • Professional and courteous. Returns calls promptly, doesn’t swear, patient with owners.
Leo Smith, Architect

We've been so happy with our new upstairs. I honestly enjoyed the remodel process as I watched true craftsmen transform that creepy, shabby space into part of our home!

Kyme, Ballard

The Jacksons saved our basement! We got an initial quote for our project from them about 1 year earlier and, honestly, choked at the price and thought we could get someone else to do it for less. Long story short, the contractor we hired gave us a favorably low quote (on which we based a cash-out refinance), but after months of discussions, he finally said he couldn't do the job for that price, leaving us with a stripped-out, useless basement. At that point I called Jackson remodeling in a very contrite panic. They worked with our restrictive budget, doing the "heavy lifting" as Erik describes it, and leaving most of the finish work for us to complete as agreed.

They fast-tracked our project. Their carpenters were willing to try new techniques and materials I suggested. As with most remodeling projects, we had some surprises, which were resolved easily since we maintained clear, open communication through the job. I appreciated their commitment to "green" construction practices; they willingly used salvaged and low-VOC materials as well as recycling most of the debris. Everyone at JRL was very professional. They worked with us and respected and respectful "partners" on our project. They respected our privacy and schedules. They made sure the work was left neat at the end of each day. We will use them again if we have any new projects, and have recommended them to friends.

Heather and Jim, Magnolia

The Jackson brothers - Erik & Leif orchestrated our remodel in the fall of 2008 after our basement was trashed in a flood the year before. Their meticulous attention to detail and their excellent communication made them an absolute pleasure to work with. The internal vinyl water dam they installed in the walls and floor has already saved our butts once following extremely heavy rains a year later. Without the water dam, we would have been flooded all over again.

I use the basement as professional office space and have received multiple compliments from clients on how beautiful the bathroom is (that they installed). The Jacksons' and their staff err on the side of over-communicating. How is that possible? During the remodel, they had a communication white board left at the foot of the stairs every evening. Written on it were details of when they would be there the following day and what they would be working on. Have you ever heard of anyone doing that?

Since the remodel, we have gone through them as a general contractor to have our roof replaced (2012) and in the last few weeks (2014) to have our house painted. We pay them and they sub out the work to vetted and trusted contractors with proven track record. Both times we have been very impressed with the work.

My wife and I highly recommend them without reservation.

Cedron and N'Shama, Meadowbrook

We hired Jackson for a kitchen & bath remodel of our 1903 house. We hired them in part because of their specialty in identifying “green” building solutions, which was important to us. We found them extremely pleasant to work with, they came up with some really great design ideas, especially for our bathroom, and did excellent work. They were also very accommodating to our participating in the remodel, doing the demolition and tiling ourselves, and handled a couple of small “bumps” along the way with sub-contractors very well.

The employee who did most of the remodel, Josh, was great: super enjoyable to work with, accommodating to our requests, and paid excellent attention to detail in all parts of the job. In particular, he did an amazing job of installing very tall kitchen cabinets along walls that are not only un-square, but actually bowed. While I’ve heard endless nightmares from friends about contractors going way off-budget, Jackson did a solid job in their budget estimates so there were no big surprises. They are honest, knowledgeable, do really nice work, and are completely pleasant to work with and I’d definitely recommend them.

Sarah and David, Ballard

We've used Jackson Remodeling 5 times over the past 15 years. First was to do seismic retrofitting of our old house - bolting the house to the foundation. A couple years later they refinished our bathroom and kitchen (walls, windows, cabinets). After that they rebuilt a fence and tool shed. Our big project was over the winter of 2010-2011 at our new house. They managed the remodeling needed (new roof, insulation, gutters, some paint and electrical work, new hood over the stove, custom-built bathroom cabinet door, and more).

Last year they devised a way to divert rainwater from under our deck away from a basement door in a very confined space. Totally a one-off custom job that has worked to perfection. Erik has been our lead contact person through all of these projects. Besides being a very fun person to work with, he is an absolute professional. Crew members (like Josh) are exceptionally talented. They communicate well throughout the project; their budgets are accurate; they are timely; they clean up; they are a real pleasure to work with.

Joy and David, Phinney Ridge

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