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Remodeling is an industry that uses a tremendous amount of Earth’s resources and creates a great deal of waste.  In addition, many of today's building materials help create unhealthy indoor environments.  Jackson Design Build is mindful of our impacts, and feel an obligation to practice environmental sensibility.

When possible, and when economically feasible, we use sustainable materials and methods that use fewer resources to build, less energy to operate, have a reduced impact on the environment, and support the suppliers that focus on using sustainable and renewable resources.

Like many “green” contractors, we are constantly growing and learning in our commitment to environmentally sensitive building. Green products are constantly being developed and improved, becoming more durable, affordable, and widely available. To keep up to date with this evolving field, we are members of:

We support suppliers and design professionals who share our philosophy and our commitment to the planet.

As just one part of our effort to tread more lightly on this fragile planet, we use biodiesel in our diesel trucks & we recently purchased an electric vehicle. 

This project in Wallingford was the first 3-star Built Green project by JDB. The second story addition earned points for:


  • Adding space without increasing the home's footprint
  • No carpet
  • Solar water heating
  • Hydronic heating, also primarily solar powered
  • Fresh air inlets and whole-house ventilation
  • Chemical-free insulation of recycled cellulose
  • Nearly 100% recycling of job site waste
  • Solar tube lights to minimize electric lighting
  • Zero-VOC paints inside and out
  • Hardwax floor finish, originally designed for childrens toys
  • FSC certified sustainably grown lumber, plywood, and hardwood flooring
  • Trim of locally grown alder (a "weed" tree)
  • Cement-fiber siding
  • Energy efficient windows and weather stripping
  • Much, much more!


Thank you to our clients for trusting us with your home, and for allowing us to benefit and learn from your research and passion for green building.

3-Star Built Green Remodel - 2006

"We feel very lucky to have found Jackson Remodeling.  We tell all our friends how much we love our healthy and sustainable home."


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