Seattle Home Remodels

A Seattle home remodel offers an exciting opportunity to breathe new life into an older house, transforming outdated spaces into modern, functional living areas.

Whether it's revamping a historic gem to meet contemporary standards or reimagining the layout of a beloved family home to better suit your lifestyle, a remodel can significantly enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of your space.

Jackson Design Build has the expertise to bring your home remodeling dreams to life.

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 Have a look at some of our recently completed Seattle home remodeling projects. Each project is a testament to our commitment to excellence, showcasing the blend of functionality, beauty, and personalized design.

Greenlake Kitchen
Northeast Seattle Main Floor
Greenwood Kitchen
Sunset Hill Basement
Phinney Ridge Whole House
Ballard Second-Story Addition
North Seattle Kitchen
Wallingford Second Story
Magnolia Basement & Wine Cellar
Magnolia Kitchen
Phinney Ridge Bath
Olympic Manor Kitchen
Loyal Heights
Master Plan
Sunset Hill Kitchen
Magnolia Interior Finishes
& Wine Cellar
Sunset Hill Bath
Pinehurst Golf Studio
Magnolia Enclosed Patio
Ballard Basement
Crown Hill
Laundry & Play Space
Olympic Manor Bath
Phinney Ridge DADU
Queen Anne
Principal Suite
Kitchen & Bath
Bryant Bath

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Remodel Your Seattle Home

Remodeling your Seattle home is a powerful way to infuse it with new energy, functionality, and style. Whether you've recently moved into a home that feels stuck in a bygone era or you're looking to refresh the home you've loved for years, a remodel can dramatically alter its appearance and feel, aligning it with your personal tastes and the latest trends. 

A home remodel, whether that be reworking your kitchen layout, updating bathroom fixtures and finishes, or reconfiguring rooms to enhance flow and functionality, transforms the way you experience and interact with your home. It's about creating environments that inspire and comfort, reflecting the evolution of your personal style and the innovations in home design. The beauty of a home remodel lies in the ability to tailor every detail to your vision, from the overarching style down to the smallest design elements.

Jackson Design Build excels in bringing these visions to life, offering expertise in both whole home remodels and single-room projects. Our team understands that every home and homeowner is unique, which is why we dedicate ourselves to crafting spaces that perfectly align with your desires. Whether you're looking to overhaul your entire home to create a cohesive look that flows from room to room or you're focusing on a single space that needs special attention, Jackson Design Build is equipped to handle projects of every scale with precision and creativity. 

Popular Home Remodels in Seattle

In Seattle, homeowners are constantly looking for ways to enhance their living spaces to better suit their lifestyles and preferences. Here are some of the most popular home remodel projects that Seattleites undertake, each with its own unique appeal:

Kitchen Remodel

The heart of the home, the kitchen, sees the most significant demand for remodels. Updating this space can drastically improve both its functionality and aesthetic, from installing state-of-the-art appliances and spacious countertops to redesigning the layout for better flow and usability. Learn more about Seattle kitchen remodels.

Basement Remodel

Given Seattle's penchant for maximizing space, basement remodels are highly sought after. Transforming a dark, underused basement into a vibrant living area, home office, or entertainment room adds valuable square footage and creates a more versatile home. Read more about Seattle basement remodels.

Bathroom Remodel

Refreshing a bathroom can make a substantial difference in daily routines. Seattle homeowners often opt for bathroom remodels to incorporate modern fixtures, luxurious finishes, and improved lighting, turning the space into a spa-like retreat.

Home Additions

For those needing more space than a simple remodel can provide, home additions are a popular choice. Expanding the home with additional rooms, extending living areas, or adding levels increases both the functionality and value of the property. Learn more about Seattle home additions

Each of these remodel types offers Seattle homeowners the opportunity to tailor their homes to fit their evolving needs and tastes, ensuring their spaces remain functional, stylish, and comfortable. Jackson Design Build specializes in these popular remodels, bringing expertise, vision, and craftsmanship to every project, whether it's reimagining a single room or transforming an entire home.

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