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After seeing this stunning home recently designed by an architectural firm, the team enthusiastically leaned into this patio enclosure, even though the initial sales call didn’t spark much enthusiasm. In fact, we learned during the design process that our firm was the only one to return the client’s call.

Flying napkins were the impetus for the conversion of this patio space from a covered patio to an enclosed one. The patio is located off the kitchen and the family room to the North and the wind whipped up off the water, around the South and back through the covered patio. At the clients’ regular events including philanthropic fundraisers, networking, and personal gatherings, the napkins were stirred by the wind and would fly off the tables and about the patio causing quite the distraction.

The solution to this design problem was to block the wind by enclosing the North and East elevations with a combination of swing doors, multi-slide doors, and fixed glass panels. The challenge was to find a system that fit within the existing steel structure and that would minimally modify the existing decking structure. After very precise final measurements, the system was installed with recessed thresholds and finish carpentry details that seamlessly connect the new door system with the existing steel structure.

Additional clever design solutions for the many events hosted here are the concrete ramp that aids the caterers in preparation and clean-up and the swing door that provides exterior access to the powder room.

The final design problem with the patio was the lack of venting for the barbeque. Extending the patio and adding the gracious steps was an elegant solution to this, as now the barbeque can be rolled out from under the patio cover. And, because the steps are under the 30” height required by code, no handrail is required which allows people to gather on those lovely steps. After cleaning and re-finishing the Ipe decking, it is hard to tell where the new and the old decking meet.

The one problem our team could not solve is the cool grey weather. However, the newly enclosed patio with infrared heaters has created an outdoor room in which the clients can now enjoy their morning coffee from February through to October while looking at that spectacular view!

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