2022 REX Award Winner: Bath Excellence

This lovely Tudor home had one relic leftover from a 1980’s remodel: the bathroom. The design challenge was to integrate the new space into the existing aesthetic of the home.

Finalizing the plan took several revisions to solve multiple design problems. First, a requirement to keep the existing window in the existing location dictated the shower location. By moving the shower to the other side of the bath the result is a generously-sized shower. Secondly, re-locating the showerhead to the South wall successfully provided adequate ceiling height clearance. The third significant design challenge was maximizing closet storage space, which was dictated by the required shower ceiling height. The solution was a 12” deep “shoe shrine” for biking gear, t-shirts, sweaters and shoes. In elevation, the vanity cabinet height required concise measurements to lift it to a more comfortable height, while maintaining enough mirror height.

To integrate the new bath with the historic details, a new arch was added at the closet that mirrors the existing arch from the closet into the bedroom. Additionally, the original trims, doors and hardware were salvaged and re-installed. The trim color also has a historic feel to it, making the space feel lived in. The hardwood floor also contributes to maintaining this bath’s old-house aesthetic.  Two solutions to ensuring the floor stays beautiful: a special toilet flange, and our client hanging the bathmat after every shower!

Our client travels often and is both a Heath ceramics collector and Heath tile fan. The bath tile wonderfully illustrates both her travels and Heath appreciation. The Barcelona teal Panot tile in the niche was found on a trip to Barcelona and was the inspiration for the color palate. Although other tile was considered, the Heath tile shined. Because the color samples were all beautiful, why choose just one?! The tile is an ombre layout from the vanity to behind the toilet and into the shower, with yet another color on the flat ceiling. That critical mirror height was also influenced by the single vertical tile at the vanity backsplash. The alternating tile widths provide a subtle pattern inspired by the client’s antique Welsh blanket, while still maintaining a modern and clean aesthetic. To keep the focus on the fabulous tile and the beautiful custom cabinetry, push-release hardware was selected.

Now this functional, updated, and stunning bath feels like it has always been there!

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