How Do You Check To See If a Contractor Is Legitimate?

  • To check if a contractor or company is licensed with the state of Washington, and if their required bond and insurance are current, visit the Department of Labor and Industries.  If a contractor quotes you a lower price than their competitors, it may be because they do not pay for liability insurance, industrial (workman's comp) insurance, or license and registration.  Chances are they aren't paying the required taxes on their employees, either.  We see it all the time...


  • To check on the permit status of a project in Seattle, visit the Department of Planning and Development.  Is your neighbor building that addition without the required building permits?  Have there been any complaints at an address?  What is the next inspection scheduled at a project?


  • To check if a company has unresolved complaints, visit the Better Business Bureau.  You can search using a variety of fields, even if all you have is a phone number or email address.  Members and non-members are rated as to the number of complaints the BBB has received.


  • Want to read what other homeowners have said about a contractor?  Sign up with Angi (formerly Angie's List)  Read candid reviews from impartial people like you.  After you hire us and love us, you can post your own report!


  • Looking for a green remodeler?  Somebody who cares enough about sustainable building to support the local ecobuilding organization?  Look them up in the Green Pages.

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