NKBA Awards - 3rd Place!

Kitchen remodel

This gorgeous kitchen won 3rd place at the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) Puget Sound chapter Design Competition!

Titled "Let the Sunshine In!", this Greenlake kitchen added more functional space, storage, and most importantly, a stunning view to the backyard. Here is an exerpt about the project:

"Objectives: Connect the kitchen to the dining and living room spaces and the lovely backyard...Create space for both avid cooks to prep, cook and bake in the kitchen together, within a larger work zone.

Design Solutions: To create more space, the wall between the kitchen and the dining room was partially removed to add a peninsula wide enough for the clients to work on both sides simultaneously.

Special features: Not only do the three large casement windows provide the much-desired connection to the backyard where the clients host monthly gatherings, they also work to pass the food through!"


See more photos of this beautiful space here:

Award-Winning Greenlake Kitchen​​​​​​​

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